Benefit from being a renter.

Find reward programs, build credit, ease rent payments and more.

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Renting can be rewarding. Renters can earn points by paying rent with a new kind of credit card.
Rent advances
Residents can pay a potion of their monthly rent and finance the other half later on.
Rent reporting
Report your rent payments back to the credit bureaus.This can aid in increasing your credit scores.
Renters Insurance
Find the best policy from a variety or providers.
Use our tools to budget and calculate rent related finances.
Benefits for Property Managers

Expand rent-fi offers to your residents.

It can be confusing to both you and your residents to add a variety of rent-fi solutions.

We mitigate that confusion and
enhance benefits for you and your residents. 

Integrate seamlessly and at no-cost
Expand or add offers that reduce delinquencies
Increase retention and resident experience
Reduce the confusion of rent-fi products offered
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Benefits for Rent-fi solutions

Expand distribution for your offerings.

We integrate with both you and PMCs to connect their residents to your solutions.

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